Friday, March 13, 2009

J.J. Abrams Appreciation

J.J. Abrams is right up there with Ryan Murphy for creating two television shows that are awesome.

LOST. Oh, man. What an awesome show. This is the type of show for people who like to become obsessed with a series and anazlyze everything. I LOVE IT. There are so many twists, so much interconnectedness and still so many questions left unaswered that I am dying to know the answers to.

Fringe. If you haven't seen this new show yet, you need to. If you liked The X-Files or if you like J.J. Abrams' style, then you will easily become obsessed with this show. It has many of the same qualities of LOST: people being connected in strange ways, people are not always what they seem, Easter eggs and foreshadowing, cliff hangers, etc. It took me a few episodes to get hooked, but now I am REALLY into it.

I think I am going to have to follow this up soon with a Ryan Murphy appreciation post. I can't think of anyone else to create more than one tv show I like. Anyone else?


  1. Speaking of X-Files, Chris Carter did both that, and Millennium, which I loved. Also Joss Whedon did Buffy and Firefly. :)

  2. I never saw Millennium...and I am not nearly nerdy enough for Firefly, haha.